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Create a Better Buying Experience &

Add More Value For Your Customers

Who doesn't want more buying power and a better experience?

If you sell vehicles, jewelry or other commonly insured items, Capsure can help you confidently deploy a revenue generating point of sale strategy, which will enhance your customer experience via our digital delivery system. Moreover, buying power may increase as most people who shop insurance save money. This savings, if harvested at the point of sale, can increase buying power. 

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What We Offer

  • An enhanced customer experience resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

  • Passive income.

  • Regulatory expertise eliminating barriers to entry.

  • Client retention.

  • Supported by licensed agents.

Insurance Quotes & Policy Binding

Insurance quotes from quality carriers and instant online binding -- integrated at the point of sale.  A few taps or clicks and connect your customer to our custom solutions.  

Our Experience

Leverage our experience and deploy a revenue generating enhanced customer experience solution that will turn your point of sale into a compliant profit center. Our experience navigating the insurance regulatory framework and deploying state of the art technology solutions result in a better experience for customers and retailers.

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